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Connect to the intrinsic power of nature, cultivate both your own beauty and that of the natural world, and be restored.​


Couples Retreat Review

My FAVORITE spa! Came in for the Couples Retreat package. It wasn't our first time there but it was using this package. It was even better then the first few times we went there. We will definitely book again!....Brandy H.

New Service

Healing Scalp Hands & Feet

30min $50

Scalp  & Neck Massage with pressure points and aromatherapy combined with a Lemongrass scrub on the hands and feet with steamy towels ending with reflex points massaged.   Great added to any massage!

Couples Massage Review

"The 60 minute Theraputic Massage was exactly what was needed to restore my body."-Tracey S. with Becky

1 Hour Massage Review

I came in with severe muscle spasms & Bruce had me 95% pain free by the end of session. I named him Bruce Almighty.... Janice W.

Signature Massage Review

"The service at Hired Hands was excellent! I was serviced by Robbin who was very friendly and professional. I felt very refreshed when I left, and have already been recommending the service to my family and friends." -Geneva D. with Robbin

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Massage Add-On's can be added to any massage

Headache & Sinus Relief  10

Lemongrass Foot scrub  10

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage  10
Silt Back Scrub  15
15 Extra Minutes of Massage 20

Free On Monday's (except Extra 15 minutes.)

Therapeutic Massages

Services designed to treat problem areas or injuries.

Basic Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy our classic massage combining relaxation techniques and firm compression strokes to promote relaxation and ease muscle aches and tension.

30 Minutes...$40

60 Minutes...$65

90 Minutes...$95

120 Minutes...$120

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue

Perfect for preventing and treating injuries, as well as enhancing athletic performance.  Great for before or after a workout or game.

30 Minutes...$45

60 Minutes...$75

90 Minutes...$110

120 Minutes...$140

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

A full body Himalayan Salt Stone Massage integrates Oriental medicine, swedish massage, thermal and salt therapy.  Benefits are improves sleep, immune system, lowers blood pressure and soothes sore muscles.

1 hour therapeutic $85....90min $115
1 hour deep tissue $95...90min $130

Mother-to-Be Massage

This massage focuses on reducing tension in the back and neck, alleviating aches in the leg and feet area, and reducing swelling. We use a pillow designed especially for pregnancy for the ultimate in comfort. After all, the best way for a mother to take care of her baby is to take care of herself.

Doctor Release is needed during first and second Trimester. Please let us know how far along you are when booking appointment and download one or other of these forms:

60 Minutes...$75

90 Minutes...$110

RX Arnica Massage

Using Arnica oil to relax and sooth sore muscles, this deep tissue massage is our best service for your specific aches and pains.

60 Minutes...$85

90 Minutes...$115


A pressure point massage for the hands or feet. We apply pressure to those areas which correspond to specific body organs, relieving stress and stimulating circulation.  Can be used as a stand alone treatment or added to any massage.

30 Minutes...$40

Hot Stone Massage

An ancient Native American art using polished river stones to massage the body. These heated stones penetrate muscles and ease tension without using as much pressure as a deep tissue massage.

60 Minutes...$75

90 Minutes...$110

TMJ Treatment

The jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a major target for an array of joint disorders. Disorders of the jaw are typically referred to by the same name, TMJ.This treatment is designed to relive some of the syptoms of TMJ.  Use as a stand alone treatment or add to any massage.

15 Minutes..$25

Herbal Sinus &Headache Relief Add On

Essential Oils of breath easy & eucalyptus are used with a pressure point massage on the sinus area of the face.  Relieves pain and discomfort due to seasonal allergies or chronic headaches.

10 Minute add on to any massage...$10

Reiki w LIsa or Bre

Reiki is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on, no-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person.  Can be used as a stand alone treatment or added on to any massage.

30 Minutes...$40

60 Minutes...$80

Relaxation Massages

Browse our services below

Hired Hands Signature Massage

Our staff has come together with you in mind to create our signature massage. A warm scented oil of your choice, heated river stones, a hydrating foot mask and warm scented towels all work together to create our signature massage….

75 Minutes...$90

Couples Massage

Share a relaxing massage with someone you love in our couples room designed specifically to accommodate two massages at once.  This service can be upgraded to an aromatherapy, deep tissue, or a hot stone for a more therapeutic benefit for one or both partners.

30 Minutes...$80

60 Minutes...$130

90 Minutes...$190

120 Minutes...$240

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage brings you to a new level of relaxation. These wonderful distilled plant oils are applied directly to pressure points for a variety of ailments including relaxation, sinus relief, tension, and anxiety.

30 Minutes...$45

60 Minutes...$75

90 Minutes...$110

De-stressing Chair Massage

A 15 minute massage for quick relief when you’re in a hurry. You’ll sit, fully clothed, on the massage chair. Your therapist concentrates on the most commonly stressed muscles.

15 Minutes...$20


Scalp Massage Add On

Enjoy added attention to your scalp to reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. Essential oils are massaged into your scalp to help calm and ground you.

10 minute add on to any massage...$10


Foot Scrub Add On

Have your feet scrubbed to exfoliate and receive a steamy towel cocoon before your massage.

10 minute add on to any massage...$10

Healing Scalp Hands & Feet

30min $50 (One of our two for Tuesday choices)

Scalp & Neck Massage with pressure points and aromatherapy added combined with a Lemongrass scrub on the hands and feet with steamy towels ending with reflex points massaged. Great added to any massage!