Let Your Beauty Shine Through

Connect to the intrinsic power of nature, cultivate both your own beauty and that of the natural world, and be restored.​


Introducing Brow Henna!

This process is very similar to tinting, but using all natural henna.  Henna stains the hair AND the skin leaving a soft tattooed look without the pain!  The stain stays on the hair for up to 6 weeks and on the skin for about a week.  Henna does not damage the hair or the skin and can be done even weekly!


Spray Tanning

Tanning Tips
Exfoliating/shaving is best before tan

No oils, lotions, deodorant or makeup
Loose fitting clothing recommended


Regular & Double Dark $35

Rapid 1-3 hour Tan $45

Venetian Tan $45

Purple undertones to combat brassy orange

Legend Spray Tan $50

Vegan Aloe & Green Tea for greater skin health

Legs Only  $20