Pretty Hands & Feet

Connect to the intrinsic power of nature, cultivate both your own beauty and that of the natural world, and be restored.​


Our Intimate Nail Boutique

Express                            35
cuticles, callus smoothing, moisturizer & polish
Spa Pedicure                 48
cuticles, callus smoothing, exfoliation, massage & polish
Signature  Pedicure    60
all the above including a mask for legs and feet 

Express           25
Spa                     32
Gel/Shellac     45

Kiara Sky Dip Enhancements
Natural Nail    45
With Tips         55

Add Ons
French Polish     7
Gel Polish             20
Parafin                   12
Nail Art                   5

We use footlogix in our Signature Services!

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