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Our Newest Services

Welcome to our new services tab! We are showcasing our 3 new services available here at Hired Hands.  We hope you try them out and love them just as much as we do. 


      Ultimate Green Detox Facial w/ Liza

      1 hour with NO scalp treatment // $140

      1 hour & 15 mins with scalp treatment // $150

A detoxifying facial packed with products & green algae teaming up

to target dryness, skin texture, and inflammation. This service 

does include a lymphatic drainage massage to aid in any issues 

with inflammation. A scalp oil treatment is available to add on to 

this facial. 

Well suited for clients struggling with dry skin, psoriasis, puffiness, 

fine lines, and etc. ** DOES NOT INCLUDE EXTRACTIONS** 


Thai Massages with Ross

60 min ...... $80

90 min ...... $120

Benefits of Thai Massage may include: 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels 
  • Headache, Back Pain, and Joint Pain
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion 



with Doris


60 MIN (2 areas)..... $100

30 MIN (1 area) ..... $60

** may be added on to a massage service** 

This wellness technique consists of a technician using a set of wooden instruments, a frequency machine, and a lipo laser/captivation to apply direct pressure to an area of the body such as thighs, stomach or glute area. As these tools are glided along the “problem areas,” they help to manipulate the muscle and fat to accelerate lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood circulation. 

Benefits of wood therapy: 

  • Breaking down cellulite & burning fat
  • Stimulating blood circulation & lymphatic drainage
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