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Our Results!  No matter what conditions you're looking to work on, Hired Hands Estheticians get real results!

The above pictures are before and afters of real clients right after our treatments.  Pictures 1, 2, and 4 are after Gua Sha facials and 3 is after an oxygen facial.  Unsure what facial will get you the results you need?  Schedule a free consult with one of our professionals! 

Maintenance Facials​

Facial Enhancements

Choose any facial enhancement to add targeted treatment.  $15 each

Collagen Eye Treatment

Using a cool jade roller, manual lymph drainage reduces puffiness due to edema and a soothing green tea collagen eye mask reduces dark circles and hydrates tired eyes.

Collagen Lip Treatment

Lips are softened and plumped with a collagen lip mask and refreshed with GloBeauty's Lip Revival Treatment.

Foot Rescue

Choose from stress relief, detoxifying, pain relieving, or fluid reduction oil foot mask treatment applied with moisturizing mask and sealed in with eco-friendly paraffin alternative to sooth away the troubles of the day!

Beard Treatment

Exfoliate with a peppermint and ground oats cleanser, refreshing and invigorating the skin. Mad Viking Beard Oil is then applied to soften and soothe!

Signature Facial

"10!! I love this place. Been to big named places... They do NOT compare."- Amanda P. with Lilly

Anti-aging Facial

"Friendly service & experienced, knowledgeable staff in a cozy setting. I always leave feeling better than when I came in!"-Gina P. with Melissa