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Revive. Relax. Renew.

Our Purpose

To provide an experience for each client that is so outstanding it has them telling their friends and family. Our intention is that our clients experience the energy of gratitude we have and when they leave, share it, having received more than ever expected.

Our Story

When Hired Hands opened in March of 1996 the dream was to create an atmosphere where every client and staff member felt at home; a place to relax, to connect, and to laugh. We are passionate about what we do and the affect we have on our world. Every person we come in contact with is affected; whether that affect is positive or negative is a choice each of us makes in every interaction, be it with our co-workers, our family, or our friends. We consciously choose peace, love, and compassion. This begins in the depth of our own spirit, and then ripples out to our family, friends, and community.


2020 Community Best Media Group Awards

2019 Pearland's Best

2018 Pearland's Best

2016 Best Picks Best Spa

2012 Pearland Journal's Best Day Spa

2009 Reader's Choice Winner Best Massage Therapist

2009 Reader's Choice Winner Best Day Spa

We are so grateful to our clients and friends for your continued support and value all! 

Our desire is to continue to grow and excel at what we do best! 


Our Team

Beverly Brown


Lucy Najera

Spa Manager

Dr. Jeanne Southern

Medical Director

Liza Ligon


Stephanie E​dwards



Also: Pending Photos
Janet Rogers
Bailey Sharp

Laura Flores



Tanja Keller


Kristen Nastally


Bruce Courtney


ross weaver.jpg

​Ross Weaver


Jackie Mills


Doris Cruz Mejia


Dana Jackson




Monna Mehl


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