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Skincare Services


Enzyme Peels

*With Full Facial



Moderate Peels


Advanced Peels



Aroma Peel



A natural alternative to harsh glycolic chemical peels is made to gently promote the qualities of healthy, youthful skin. A concentrated blend of pure, undiluted essential oils work to eliminate dead skin cells, diminish the look of congestion and lack luster skin. 

- Comes with a take home treatment -

* With Full Facial



Mechanical exfoliation using diamond tip and suction. Great for reducing fine lines, scarring, and overall skin tone.

Added onto any facial...$50


Microdermabrasion+Enzyme Peel

Microderm combined with enzyme peel. Speeds up cell turnover and helps remove build up.


Microdermabrasion+Organic Peel

Microderm combined with Organic AHA Peel. Ultimate in natural skin care anti-aging treatment.


* Please remember when booking Microdermabrasion and Peels, that they are treatments and stand alone services, so time will vary based on everyone's skin types. *

Our Facials are all Customized 

for your best experience and results!

Healthy Skin Facial

Facials focusing on your specific skin type and what nutrients you need for a healthy glow.

60 minutes: A full facial designed specifically for your individual skin care needs, from soothing dry, irritated skin to preventative aging and beyond.

90 minutes: Combine luxurious relaxation with a powerful skin care treatment. All the facets of our popular 60 minute version, plus a relaxing foot scrub treatment, and an anti-aging eye treatment. Perfect for some much needed "me" time!

60 minute...$85

90 minute...$145

Signature Facial

An experience you can only receive from a gifted Hired Hands Esthetician! A full facial with everything designed for your skin type including our signature eye treatments and a relaxing massage for your hands, arms, neck, and scalp. You'll never want to leave our room!

75 minute...$110

Aromatherapy Facial

Designed for your relaxation! Let our aromatherapy facial massage ease your stress and treat your skin right!

50 minute...$75

**Does NOT include extractions, they may be added for an additional $15.

Oxygen Facial

By far our best facial for healing and restoring the integrity of the skin. Oxygen kills bacteria that causes acne without drying out the skin. Safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive or stressed skin. A triple treatment of oxygen is infused into the skin with Oxygen Plasma, Oxygen Serums, and Oxygen Creams. Your skin will result in appearing less irritated and inflammation will be reduced immediately and results will continue to improve in the following days. Choose from our:

60 min Oxygen for Anti-Aging...$145

60 min Oxygen for Reactive Skin...$145

75 min Oxygen for Acneic Skin...$160

**60 minute Oxygen Facials do not have extractions, they may be added for an additional $15**

Brightening Vitamin C Facial

Visibly brighten your skin's glow. Using natural Turmeric exfoliants and a Vitamin C mask, followed with an oxygen infusion with brightening base, this full facial will leave you shiny and new! Not intended for sensitive skin.

60 minutes...$145

**Does NOT include extractions, they may be added for an additional $15**

Ultimate Green Detox Facial

A detoxifying facial packed with products and green algae collaborating to target dryness, skin texture, and inflammation. This service does include a lymphatic drainage massage to aid any issues with inflammation. A scalp oil treatment is available to add to this facial. This facial is currently ONLY done with Liza.

60 minutes...$140 (no scalp)

75 minutes... $150 (with scalp)

**Does NOT include extractions **

Gentleman's Facial

Focusing specifically on men's skin care needs, this full facial includes special care for the beard area with extra exfoliation and oils for the sensitive shaving areas.

60 minute...$95

Teen Facial

A full facial includes extractions with NO facial massage included

50 minute...$60

Back Facial

Designed to treat that hard to reach area! This treatment is beneficial for anyone who suffers back acne, dry dehydrated skin, or has a special occasion to attend. Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), massage, and proper hydration are included.

30 minute...$65

Adult Acne Facial

A full facial includes extractions with NO facial massage included

60 minute...$95

30 Minute for Extractions

A mini treatment focused on extractions. Includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation.

30 minute...$55

Facial Enhancements

Collagen Eye Treatment

Using a cool jade roller, manual lymph drainage reduces puffiness due to edema. A soothing green tea collagen eye mask reduces dark circles and hydrates tired eyes.


Oxygenation Treatment System

2 Step, professional grade in office treatment that delivers oxygen into your skin.


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