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Extensions and Tints

As of December 2021 we will require a Non-refundable 

deposit for new full set eyelash appointments.  

Deposit will be applied to your service.  

You will only be allowed one reschedule per deposit.
Remember after 3 weeks you are considered as a full set. 
Unfortunately we don't work over any other artists work.     

Full Set Classic Lashes

Our eyelash extensions are individual synthetic silk lashes placed one at a time, adhering to a single one of your own natural lash. Eyelash extensions that are placed properly on healthy lashes do not compromise your own lashes. Lashes last from 4-8 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle, friction upon the lashes and exposure to oil based products. Typical fill times are between 2-3 weeks.

Full Set $125 Fills $70

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are va-va-voom! These extremely thin lashes are applied in a fan shape, with 3-6 synthetic lashes per one of your own natural lashes, creating a beautiful voluminous look! Because they're so light, volume lashes tend to last longer, so the typical time for a fill is between 3 weeks.

Full Set $185 Fills $95

Hybrid Lashes

 Hybrid Lashes is a mixture between classic and volume giving you a more natural full look.   Typical time for fill is 3 weeks.

Hybrid Full Set $155 Fill $85

Lash and Brow Tints

Simple alternative to mascara and brow fills.

$25 Separate

$45 Together

Elleebana Lash Lifts

Curl and lift your own natural lashes for amazing definition! Lash lifts last from 6-8 weeks.

$65 Lift

$85 Lift and Tint

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